Will anyone read my blog?

Which platform should I use for my blog?

What should I write? How should I plan my content?



→ People will read your blog
→ You will select the right platform
→ You will easily plan your content

I’m going to tell you right now how I’ve created a predictable process that can be used over and over again!

The process to build your blog from scratch is not tricky

It's not like disproving string theory

In fact, I have four golden rules whenever I build a new blog


Select and validate the idea

Do you want people to read your blog? Then you need to find out whether there are people who are interested in what you want to say. You need to find out whether there's an audience


Selecting the right platform and building your blog

There're other platforms other than WordPress which are equally good. Some of them are even free.


Creating the content plan

Waking up every day and then thinking about what you want to write will not help you at all. So, plan your content for the whole year. And then use the batching process to create it.


Promotional strategy

A fairy princess is not going to bring readers to your blog. Hence, you need a good promotional strategy that will work and bring the audience to your blog.

If you use these 4 simple rules for starting your blog, you will have a strong foundation in place for making your blog a successful one 

I can hear what you're thinking

Many people KNOW this stuff logically already but find it difficult to accomplish them quickly and without losing sanity.

Key word there? QUICKLY

A power-packed video course and digital assets bundle that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating or reviewing your PERFECT BLOG

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Just Exactly What You Need to Start Your Blog

Thank you sir. I have created my blog in Blogger.com on the concept of food blogging.

Monisha A

Content Creation day was very useful and the best learning I had ever. Thanks to you.

Manu Gupta

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And once done, you have the combination of Validated idea, Right platform, Content plan for the whole year and a Promotion plan to make sure you're not wasting your time creating stuff you will that just takes time without giving any result.

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At the end of it, you will have a blog that is ready for your readers

Hi! I'm Prathamesh

I run my own web development agency and I have developed more than 200+ websites till date.
Whatever knowledge I have gained over the years regarding WordPress; I have shared with students such as yourself.

On Udemy, I have taught more than 3000 students from all over the world.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the
7 Days Blog Challenge

Is this course right for me?

If you want to start your blog and struggling with following questions; how to select the topic and validate it? which platform to select? how to plan the content? how to promote my blog? Then this course is right for you

For how long I will have the access to the course?

Even though the challenge runs for 7 days. You will still have access to the videos for the lifetime. No expiry date on the course.

Is this live or recorded?

All the videos are pre-recorded and the course is not live. Only the private webinars arranged for the members of this course are live.

How much investment do I need to make to start my blog?

You can start your blog for FREE if you want to. I teach you free platforms as well.

When I will get access to the course?

Immediately. You can start watching the videos immediately after you register. 

Can I watch all the videos in one day?

Every day you will get set of new videos. So, in 7 days you will get access to all the videos. On day 1, you will get access to the videos for day 1 and so on.

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